Riverwood Presbyterian Church

CONNECTing people to Jesus to GROW to be like Jesus and SERVE the world in love like Jesus

We desire this because we have experienced God’s forgiveness through Jesus. Through faith in Jesus, God brings together people of all nations, backgrounds, cultures and languages into a family. We want to see the whole of Riverwood and our surrounding areas be forgiven of their sins, become disciples of Jesus, and enter into the family of God.

We believe God has spoken through the Bible. He has shown us that our experience of the world is filled with hardship and brokenness. But that is not how the world once was. Through the Bible, we see the events that show how this world became broken. As we read the events, we also see how we have sinned against God and broken our relationship with Him, others, and the world.

God doesn’t leave us in brokenness. He offers us forgiveness through Jesus. Forgiveness is given to all who confess their sins to God and live their lives to follow Jesus as Lord and Saviour. This is a life of discipleship.

We want to tell people what God has done and help them be disciples of Jesus.

A more detailed explanation of what we believe the Bible teaches can be found in the Westminster Confession Of Faith.


Safe Ministry

Riverwood Presbyterian Church is bound to and follows the Breaking the Silence Policy for the protection of children and vulnerable people. This is found at breakingthesilence.org.au.